Hi! My name is Emily. I live in New York City, I know a lot about making books (worked for 5 years in book publishing), I’m learning a lot about business (part-time studies at the Zicklin School of Business), I’m passionate and analytical about reforming education (I work as a Manager of Data and Operations at Teach for America), and I’m really interested in the Metrics of Social Impact. I believe that one of the most pressing issues for organizations with social missions and corporate organizations practicing CSR is how to gather, measure, and report data, both quantitative and qualitative, on the social impact of their actions and their dollars. I hope people can use this blog as a reference, and a meeting place to discuss this topic. Peace!


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  • Tom Knoll

    Hey Emily – I love where you’re going with your blog. It’s hard to find many people in the social impact space who are kind of hard-core into data predictive modeling. I’ve been very involved in data collection/analysis, data-base design and oversight, and similar things for both the non-profit and for-profit sectors. Increasingly, I have consulted in the social/green business arena and engaged with complex organizational auditing tools (advanced, modified versions of Lean Six Sigma, for instance). Additionally, I have several connections in the B Corp community. They have, you may know, a somewhat advanced assessment framework. I’m hoping we might evolve a conversation about a predictive modeling database/app that would use the best of the traditional organizational audit tools in conjunction with the B Corp type social impact tools. Among other things, I am in touch with several social impact investors who would be very interested in this kind of thing for the businesses and nonprofits that they are supporting/investing in.
    Great blog and I hope we can connect!
    510.393.3045 [US]

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