Interview with Mark Hecker of Reach, Incorporated

Thanks everyone for your patience, I’m so excited that my first post back after a brief hiatus is my interview with Mark Hecker, Founder and Executive Director of Reach, Incorporated. In short, Reach is a DC-based nonprofit that hires youth to tutor and mentor other youth. I’ll let him tell you about himself and how Reach came to be:

I got in touch with Mark because we had both read Mario Morino’s eBook Leap of Reason (see my half-way and finished book reviews). In fact, Mark thought so much of the book that he built part of it into Reach’s hiring process! I asked Mark about why he did this:

This is a pretty good example of how Mark has built Social Impact Assessment into the DNA of his organization. But something that is really great about Mark is that he doesn’t just walk to the beat of the Social Impact Assessment drum – he actually has a unique and important point of view on the potential dangers and pitfalls of poorly applied impact assessment:

Mark has a deep understanding of Impact Assessment, especially for the Education sector. He makes the astute point that since there isn’t really an established method of measuring many of the aspects of impact that Mark says (and I agree) are just as not valued enough by funders and even by society at large.

We talked about a lot of great things, which I broke down into a few more clips. They are short but definitely worth watching. We talk about the big questions – the who, what, why, and how of Social Impact Assessment. Mark explains his investment in his newest employee who will be focusing on measurement and predictive data. You’ll also hear Mark tell some of the inspiring and inspirational ways that Reach Incorporated is reaching kids and having positive impact right now in Washington, D.C. Please make sure to visit their website. And if you are short for time, make sure to scroll down and watch the last clip from the interview.

A huge THANK YOU to Mark Hecker for taking time out of his busy schedule and important job to talk with me about his organization and Social Impact Assessment.

Listen up to what’s in this next one – Social Impact Assessment is done for  a purpose: “to improve the product” – and in this case, the product is the positive impact we are having on the world, the lives we are improving.


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