A Round-Up With Social Impact Assessment in the Mix






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Hey everyone! Here is a quick post to direct you to an interesting discussion round-up from The Guardian’s Sustainable Business section.  It is on How Businesses Can Tackle Their Social Impact, and I suggest you give it a read – it’s a pretty quick one.


The parts I want to draw attention to are just two. The first is one of the bullet points under the “What’s Changing” heading:


• Embedding social impact assessments into corporate decision making


This seemingly throw-away line makes an excellent point – we need to build corporate/organizational cultures that have Social Impact Assessments as part of their DNA. I’m happy that the author of the article sees this as something becoming more important and part of what is changing right now in the field.


The second is under the heading “Benefits of social initatives” (although it doesn’t quite seem to align with that heading, but hey, I’ll take it):


Measuring and evaluating – measuring the business return of staff engagement in community initiatives is important to proving the business case. John Lewis and Barclays were mentioned as examples of companies taking this seriously. The importance of measuring progress on social initiatives is increasing in line with stakeholder expectations that companies report on a range of sustainability targets, although no replicable measurement model exists at present.


It doesn’t get more succinct than those last 7 words. The statement implies that having a replicable measurement model would be a positive thing. I totally agree. The more organizations that can use the same language and measurement processes and systems, the more we can build a collective force for bettering our programs and our impact. There is strength in numbers and diversity of opinion, and working together on social impact assessment will benefit everyone, but most especially the stakeholders.


Enjoy the discussion round-up!











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