Connectivity in a Scattered World

Image by Steve Jurvetson, found at Flickr

Something I absolutely love about starting this blog is that I have found connections with people and organizations that I probably never would have found otherwise. It has been so exciting to start talking to a variety of people about the things they are passionate about, the things I am passionate about, and where those things intersect and overlap. I really like reading Chris Brogan’s blog – and his latest post goes along with what I wanted to write about here. He starts off with a simple question: “When someone speaks about you to someone else, what do they say? How would they refer to you? What would be the brief way they sum you up?”

I have heard lots of friends describe me as “unbelievably busy.” I think what they really mean is that I am “all over the place.” I don’t have one thing I am passionate about, I have passion for numerous things. And I try to give some of myself to all of my interests at the same time, not always equally. I’m trying to live at 110% every day. Ironically, one of the things I am most passionate about is about bringing together scattered information into one place, where passion can be funneled into one goal: Social Impact Assessment.

I was so excited when I found and joined the TRASI Community. It stands for Tools and Resources for Assessing Social Impact, and it encompasses many of the ideas I have been throwing around for a repository of knowledge and a forum for people and organizations involved with Social Impact Assessment. As I explore this site and the community, I will do a series of posts with updates on what is incredibly useful and revolutionary about the site, what the best bits are, what could use improving, and general information I glean from the site and the community. Have I mentioned that I am so excited about finding this resource?!

Connections are everywhere, even for the most scattered information and people (like myself). Let’s make another one – comment here or email me with your passion!


One response to “Connectivity in a Scattered World

  • Sheila J. Hicks

    My passion is opening up elite educational opportunities for a diverse population of young people and their families.- If you could write that out in Latin, it would be the beginnings of a good personal crest… or tattoo.

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